Tuesday, October 6, 2015


he says oh I wish I was born 1 thousand years ago... but that doesn't work for me... I'd be dead, actually nonexistent, since my mother would have died around age 16, since my mother was a type I diabetic and would have died without the technology/science of insulin injections to keep her alive... thus, call me biased in favor of science/civilization... how easily the sons of the rich (ha, 'Jesus's son') ignore their good fortune... how easily we ignore our good fortune... the lesson of 1968... two sides to every coin... freedom/fascism... prosperity/poverty... still that first record of theirs is so goddamn good... particularly what reminded me of it is the black angel death song... how easily the champions of diversity rush to defend their petty attributes of race, etc. the champions of diversity will come up with all kinds of fancy explanations why their attributes are not so narrow... so they will talk about a 'white guy' who is actually 'Italian' etc....

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