Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Time to invent a robot capable of being embarrassed.

Don't know about you, but I really enjoy those Phoenix Brothers buddy movies. Though I have trouble telling Joaquin and River apart. Their last one, "Noseums and SunSqueak Visit the Diamond Mine" was especially hilarious.


When it comes to making bread, hippies rule

"Bucket of Sick" the exciting new Drexel Ratch Adventure Feed. Only from Toys+ "Be better. Be someone else."

Tired of living your own life? Live someone else's.

A gorgon delivers my Sunday paper. A harpy is going door to door, selling harpy scout cookies.

Nevins adjusted the intensity dial on his Toys+ Libido Intensifier. He had a long evening of high stakes revelry ahead of him. He'd had his staff program the Pleasurebots to administer near fatal autoerotic chokeholds to those partygoers who had requested such a service. He'd insisted that each bot's database be triple-checked for accuracy. He couldn't afford another incident like the one at last year's event with the late secretary of education. In a nice touch, staff member A13 had affixed satin nooses from hooks in the ceiling above each guest's feathered bed.
"Deathwing! Oh, Deathwing?" came the chipper call of Matron Masters from the grotto.
So many details to attend to.
He'd requested brain scans from each guest last year. At terminal O, "festooned" seemed to be the prevailing thought. Consulting the runes, throwing the I Ching, hiring a diviner...had taught him nothing. This year he'd have to approach his inquiry from a different angle.

Barney. It always comes back to Barney.
Why does it always come back to Barney?

Foreskin spirit walker. Ancient Native American tradition.


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