Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Circus Comes to Town

In a small town (say in the 1930s), a carnival comes to town. And doesn't leave. Slowly, the carnival folks insinuate themselves into the community. Getting jobs, marrying the townsfolk, serving in the local office, attending church, teaching the kids, etc. While dressed in carnival costumes. So, clowns, freaks, geeks, midgets, trapeze artists, etc. become embedded in the town's ecosystem. Soon enough, the townsfolks' own appearance and habits begin trending toward the outlandish and the grotesque. Beauty queens become chicken beheading geeks. The mayor becomes a ringmaster. The town's star QB becomes a tightrope walker, etc. Over time, the entire town becomes a carnival. Then one day, the carnival is gone. Off to turn another town.

Circus as communism.

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