Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sniper training begins at dawn. Jody cooked him with the duster at 922 yards. A new record.

Sanderson crept to the edge of the ledge. From his vantage point above the square, he could clearly see the Viceroy, juggling eggs in the square below. It would be a clean shot, no complications.

Parallax snowstorm. Commune with your device.

Green Thumbs pegged him with an entanglement javelin at 70 yards.

Take the shot Billingsly, while you still have time. And lean into it, by god.

We clocked Jerome at 180. He hadn't even broken a sweat.

The intricacy of Django's colostomy kit left us speechless.

Grant shamefaced the panzerfaust brigade into sheepish silence.

Blue Velveeta

David Lynch is the Norman Rockwell we deserve.

You get into a joust with Donald Rumsfeld. Do not pass Go.
Donald Rumsfeld's soccer team is the Known Unknowns. They win through misinformation and doublespeak. The league's most enigmatic team.

The allure of the Lonely Hearts Club was too great for Jenkins to resist. He soon found himself overcome with the saudade of despair.

18th-century Jamaican dub beats have always left me cold.

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