Friday, May 2, 2014

throw her out the airlock

Related to the bit about fantasy music, taking yourself too seriously, dead can dance, and game of thrones... I like this article from the Federalist. A quote, a link to the original source ("anecdote" from Salon, which I quite frankly can barely stomach) and the link to the federalist article below that:

It reminds me of an anecdote I read a while back about a science-fiction story in which a pilot must face the dilemma of throwing a girl out of an airlock in order to save the lives of six other people. As one writer complains:
“They always point to that story as an example of how science fiction forces people to ask themselves the sort of hard questions that mainstream fiction glosses over,” he said. “That’s what that story is supposed to be about, who would you save, tough moral choices.” He paused, and sighed. “But at a certain point I realized that’s not really what that story is about. It’s really about concocting a scenario where you get a free pass to toss a girl out an airlock.”


peppergomez said...

I say we throw that federalist writer out the airlock...that was a mediocre opinion piece in every sense of the word. Guy had no real insights and admitted to not really watching the show. Next!

peppergomez said...

...and it's one thing not to have the answers, who does? it's another to not even raise interesting questions, which is what I think what that writer is guilty of.