Sunday, April 27, 2014

Noted during the transition to adulthood

When you're a child, the ice cream man is a magical adventure, like trying to catch an elusive mysterious mythical creature, who will let you pester your parents for ice cream.

When you're an adult, the ice cream man is a creepy middle aged guy who somehow manages to make a living during the summer months selling ice cream to kids from an old used van that plays kalliope music.


peppergomez said...

Agent Polsky said...

Funny, I can still remember the first time I heard "I'm Straight" and how different it seemed from everything I'd ever heard before. This "Ice Cream Man" song I have not heard. But still, he just is singing about how great the ice cream man is...not the dark underside of the ice cream man... oh sometimes I just need to stop thinking. Bourbon, please.

peppergomez said...

I'm Straight is such a good counter to what must have been the prevailing youth culture at the time...long hair and weed