Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Among capitalism's many triumphs: convincing most of us that our identity revolves more around what we consume/buy than what we create. Being a consumer is not a creative act.

In other news, we're all technology's bitch.



Agent Polsky said...

But then you get into the whole issue of leaders vs followers etc. Is it possible to have a functioning society where everyone creates equally? Or is the distribution curve of creation / consumption doomed to forever mimic the bell curve of ill repute? I'm not sure. Some people would like to say "wake up" etc. to the populace, but is that even real? Perhaps there is no waking up, and we are all as awake as we ever shall be. Perhaps no one wants to watch a realistic movie about cannibalism, but would prefer the Hollywood puff piece, such as Alive, etc. What I'm getting at is that you might be right, perhaps the masses could be awakened from their "cut to medium shot / explode" slumber, but what would that even look like? What kind of society would that even be? Would you be the media personality of that society? Or would there be no such thing as media personalities since we all would exist on such a high functioning level of creativity? Have I run off the rails? Perhaps a bit. But my point stands nonetheless. The idea that everyone can be an attorney or an artist / "creator" for that matter does not jibe with the reality of a highly complex society with multiple interconnected networks of autopoietic systems. But then again, ya gotta have dreams, right?

peppergomez said...

Maybe it's more a question of ratios, and of the difficulty, for some of us, at least, of finding enough of the former that being surrounded by the latter doesn't vex or disappoint. Capiche?