Friday, April 18, 2014

batshark, lungchain, and the grow-together-eyebrow kid---they all warned us about you
laid it all out, while auntie jingo tamed a lung ferret and ruffled bat feathers

pretty girls and panzerfausts, and the men who pay to see it
a turtle demurs while a rabbit retches
gone are the days of repurposing your trousseau

ExExEx. I know of no other way to knit acrostics on bed sheets

Didn't you realize, old man, that slouching behind one's car wheel is the purview of the young? Were you seriously thinking you could pull it off?

The interim governer's queer daughter curses at her watch hand
pushes aside a shopping cart full of farmer's almanacs
with their unwanted, unkempt grotto of seedy advice
Makes her way to Vapor Lounge

and yet again we see them...those native Americans boycotting Vapor Lounge
you could set your watch hand by their mobilized indignance
"Chaos at Five Points!" cajoles the marketplace bell, while the neighborhood birds tweet "Meat Eater! Meat Eater!" with practiced insistence

On the other side of the world, Bybee decides he is bored with China
so he packs away his consignment codes and sat phones
thumbs DigitSpool and buys passage in a hover tanker's berth
his last night here in Shanghai, in B11 zone, the tension of walking past sidewalk pizza eaters electrifies him
back at home, a codex in blue, winking at him from onscreen
he shuts it down, then spends his night dreaming in paradise, courtesy of the zap mode torsion fever pill he swallowed thirty minutes before bed.
Tomorrow, after a breakfast of dog and ice cream, he'll make his way to the docks

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