Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Johnny is a zero, Johnny is a one

Johnny waits, patient as a statue
for infinity to add another zero

Johnny gazes, blank as a zero
as ambulances skitter through the dark streets of his city

Johnny breaks open another stimtab and inhales
pupils yawning upwards, he knows time is kind

Johnny hears all transmissions
listens without judgement

Johnny's heart resembles a dub drummer's beat
his tenderness is couched in casual savagery

Johnny knows summer is coming
sees it with crystalline clarity
loves his city, with its soft fusing of metal and sweat, flesh and circuitry

Johnny loves the panoply of great things the future brings
he sees his children fusing with skyscrapers and sunlight
each of us, a someone, somewhere, in summertime

Johnny reinvents it each time he wakes up
this big bamboozle
Like all of us, Johnny dreams of electric sheep

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