Monday, April 28, 2014

As stunning as it frequently is, the music of Dead Can Dance can also be downright silly. I mean, how "profound" can one possibly try to be? It's like we all need to be wearing cassocks and holding incense, in some 15th century cathedral. And I'm pretty sure most DCD fans rarely if ever set foot inside a church to hear choirs, madrigals, or have much interest in hearing indigenous music of non-western cultures. Instead, they'd rather the immaculately packaged fashionable European adaptation that 4AD, etc. exports for them.

Watching a show like Game of Thrones also has the effect of making much of DCD seem like background music for some fantasy show.

It's good to be somewhat suspicious of artists who take themselves as seriously as DCD must.


Agent Polsky said...

“They always point to that story as an example of how science fiction forces people to ask themselves the sort of hard questions that mainstream fiction glosses over,” he said. “That’s what that story is supposed to be about, who would you save, tough moral choices.” He paused, and sighed. “But at a certain point I realized that’s not really what that story is about. It’s really about concocting a scenario where you get a free pass to toss a girl out an airlock.”


peppergomez said...

Pretty weak article (the guy can't seem to recognize or acknowledge the quality of shows like GOT and BB due to the violence on show, and states he hasn't really watched why the hell should we read his half-formed opinions?), though it wouldn't surprise me if the violence and depravity on show in stuff like Breaking Bad and GOT is somewhat of a yin to the yang of the average liberal's complete aversion to such things in reality.

I mean, the guy might has well have written an article asking why our kids enjoying playing violent shooters?

Unless he has actual insights to offer, it's a case of Next!

Based on that article, that writer is a mediocre writer and thinker.