Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shark Butter frames a nation's youth. Hey, wait, Chopsticks!

Haptogoblins--they're what's for breakfast these days, Hot Pockets Finklestein.

AstroCaptain Fuzzbox: "Sir, Pink Fluff, 90 degrees. Port to Starboard!"
(Dusty's toe rag charging up, the whole of the Mark 1 battlecruiser shudders as the energy beams power up.  Deep space defenestration was never this much fun.)

Pinatas filled with hornet's nests. Blindfold your favorite neighborhood kid, give them a bat, then run like hell.

Whoever coined the term "urinal cake"....what moxie. That's one hell of a linguistic coup d'etat. Two words that have no business even being in the same zipcode, let alone the same phone booth.

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