Thursday, March 20, 2014


Once was a lethal injection from Pasquotank.
what visited hell and was unimpressed. Had cased the joint, and knew it well.
Sold cesspool blueprints to government jim-jims, their nervous sweaty fingers drumming on the switch.
Fat zeros, two by two.
PFFFFFZZZZT. Crack and sizzle, flesh running black to bone.
Eyeballs funny runny egg whites. Drips and globs on broiling cloth.

Once was a lethal injection from Pasquotank.
what knew death's etiquette like a mate. Penned the romance of the honeymoon killer.
"My friend. My thin man. May you enjoy an afterlife turkey shoot. In Hell!"
Gentlemen of the blade. Gun molls of the spray and pray, and the panicked getaways. Those arsenic youth. Have I told you how I love thee? Your eyes, the intensity of tiny fires. I fashion you into a Death's head, which I affix to the prow of Lady Death's chainsaw.

Death's beer smells of gasoline and head lice.

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