Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Day Everything Became Diseased and Died

Santa Bearclaw discredits men with hats
Dayglow fascists paint dogma on canvas shirts
Firing off shots into the air, I smile and feign surprise
Feline matron spins her hard luck tales of success--who has the time?

Django rises early, and sets to work on his own campaign of misinforma--
Calling to his mother, "yo, wombtender, where you at?"
Ourside, dogs bark. But only because they've no idea what's at stake
For you, when did food first become precious?

"Fuck your dreams, this is heaven" the loudspeaker says

My mind, a Petri dish for half-baked ideas

Agent Polsky, his fingers drumming in nervous time on the attache case
"Hey, I know that subway car!"
Unlikely as it seems, SkyView could get hit again. Who among us expected the first one?

The world is full of angry young men


Agent Polsky said...

true true

Agent Polsky said...

Wow. My comment machine really works. I'm loving it. A private conversation here in our little corner of the Internet. Corruption is rampant I tell you. Rampant. No wonder so many angry young men. Nonetheless we must carry on, must we not? Now that I figured out this comment button, I will be commenting more often.

peppergomez said...

Thanks Agent Polsky
Indeed, our own Private Idaho.

Mad Heiress. There's no stopping her. Cities and Dust. Attics of the insane.
Ice Cream Socials of the damned.