Sunday, September 22, 2013

Upcoming course offerings at The University of Popular Culture

Towards a Methodology of 'Zoiks!': Hanna-Barbera Deconstructed
Movin’ On Up?: Stoweian Overtones Within The Jeffersons
Rob Lowe: The Early Years (Required text: The Rob Lowe Primer)
Lunch or Launch: The Paradox of Free Will
Slash: Portrait of the Artist as Peat Moss
When Seattle's No Longer Enough: A Gen X Crisis of Faith
From Bach to Lurch: A History of the Harpsichord
Life after Barbie: The Baywatch Legacy
Blonde Bangs & A Laugh Track: Reappraising the 70's Sitcom
The Theme of Tragic Hero in Three's Company

Absurdist Mystery Titles

Amelia's Day in Court: A Choose Your Own Legal Adventure
Death Wears a Thong: A Playboy Whodunit
Intrigue in Tangiers: A Mystery Diphthong “Adventures For Spotty Boys” Story
Dak Sanders: Rouge Investment Analyst
Death Takes It in the Ass: An Agatha Christie/John Holmes Mystery

Absurdist Children’s Books

Encyclopedia Brown and the Fistfuck Caper
Euthanasia: A Choose Your Own Departing Adventure
The John Holmes Pop-Up Book
The Cub Scout’s Guide to Cunnilingus
Let's Make Plastic Explosives! A Popular Mechanics Delinquency Book
The Boy's Life Compendium of Illicit Habits
Peanut Butter, Big Sister, and the Family Dog
A Gay Boy's Mystery Presents: Mr. Big and the Lotion Thief
“Sheesh” & Other Cub Scout Curse Words
Selection from the “Self-Help Books for the Discerning Absurdist” Series
Taxable Karma: Surviving Past Life Audits
Lion Taming: A Gay Man's Primer
A Car Jacker's Guide to Negotiating Car Alarms
The Dope Dealers Guide to Diversified Stock Portfolios
The Maybes of CPR
The Ins and Outs of Intercourse
Onanism for Dummies
What Color is Your Poopchute?
The Seven Habits of Effectively High People
The Autist's Way
Zen and the Art of Counterfeiting
Women Are from Bergdorff's, Men Are from Target
Wiping: Mastering this Imprecise Science
"Suck It, Bitch:” The Mike Tyson Guide to Marital Communication
101 Ways to Avoid Crucifixion
Laundering Prawns for Fun and Profit
The Heroin Addict’s Guide to Good Sportsmanship
Embracing Your Inner Earwig
Effective Tips for Overseas Extortion
The Hemophiliac's Guide to Lion Taming
The Sociopath’s Book of Prosody
Golf Tips for the Dyspeptic
The Weekender’s Book of Moral Turpitude
How to Fail at Nearly Everything
Eat, Pray, Shove: Eastern Spirituality for the Ambitious Corporate Climber
When Remotes become too Byzantine- A Guide for Coping
Befriending the Criminally Insane
Surrealist Automatic Fart Techniques
Problem There Is I Have: Dyslexia in a Shellnut
Put a Lid on It: Storage Jar Intimidation Techniques
Funeral Etiquette for Dummies
Who Keeps the Kid? Sharing, Grownup Style
Beatitude Behind Bars: Zen for the Criminally Insane
The Mark E. Smith Book of Pub Etiquette
Five Pounds of Wok-Fried Bison Testes and when Never to Avoid Them
The Existentialist Book of Quick-Fix-It Kitchen Tips
Travel Books I’d Like to Read
The Consummate Brawler: A Travel Magazine for the Truculent
Cambodia by Word Balloon
Zimbabwe- A Raised Eyebrow Awaits You
Canada: A Nation of Kinky Killers Says Hello
Whoring in New Zealand
Adventures in Alaskan Gift Wrap, Volume Two
Alsatian Fjords on Seven Dollars a Day
Montreal: Come See Our Band Play
An Insider's Approach to Lying Your Way Into the Vatican
Elbowed in Indonesia: Personal Space Tactics for the Delicate Traveler
Frommer’s Guide to Mexican Prisons
Paris for the Socially Inept
The Misogynist's Guide to Switzerland
Teasing in London
Let's Get Lost! A Guide to Short-Term Memory Loss While Abroad
Italy for the Ambivalent
A Misanthrope’s Guide to Sweden
The Kleptomaniac's Guide to Thieving in Prague
Berlin on Two Tabs a Day
Bolivia for the Dyspeptic
Russia: Must See's for the Apathetic
A Paraplegic’s Guide to Irish Bedsits
Tasmania for the Apoplectic
Losing Consciousness Discreetly: The Amazon for Retirees
Pissing Fire: A Frat Boy’s Guide to Brothel Hopping in Thailand
The IRS Dodgers Guide to Siberia
New Zealand: Overlook Us at Your Peril
Cambodia: Come Visit Us, No More Collective Psychopath Stuff
Riot in the Heartland: An Eastern European's Guide to Being Beaten-Up in Middle America

Upcoming Coffeetable Photo Books

Cruelty to Animals: Volumes One Through Three
Nude Infants in Mortal Peril
Circumcision Through the Years
Klaus Kinski: The Steambath Sessions
National Geographic Presents: Australian Shark Attack Victims
Abattoirs: A Pictorial Celebration
An Illustrated Guide to Prison Shanking
Caribbean Corpse Fuckers: A Visual Compendium
Like Alice: Photo Essays of Midwest Abductions, 1953-1971
Asian Night Haunts of the Dayglo Beat Boys and the Hapax Legomena Fantasty Girls
Baywatch: The Paris Years
The Bacardi Picture Book of European Auto Fatalities
Sleepy Nords Riding Trains
The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Pubes
Starfuckers from Planet "Time"
Eat Jim Crow: The Southern White Segregationist Cookbook
Oubliettes of Europe
Selections from the Jewish Book Club
Keeping the Internet Kosher
The Jewish Guide to Home Repairs
Jewish Footwear: Fall 2015
Jews in the Japanese Mind
Mushoogana! 101 Jewish Dance Steps
Schlomo's Bedtime Stories
An Animal Kingdom of Jewish Origami
Divorce: Jewish Style
101 Jewish Putdowns
Fraternity Hazing, the Jewish Way
Jewish Men- Jewish Women: Oiveh!
100 Nutshells: The Best of Jewish Erotica
Careful! Jews in New Delhi
Life: The All Day Jewish Breath Jam
Jewish Lingerie: Manna from Heaven
Celebrated Jewish Brawlers, Volume Two: New York
Goodnight Jewish Koon
Jewish Narcolepsy: The Hidden Menace
Canteen Decoration, Jewish Style
Studies in Jewish Dream Interpretation
The Ear I Bat Mitzvah Book of Snappy Witticisms
Sports Illustrated Anthology of Great Jewish NFL Plays
Yeshivish & the Underworld: A Mikey Hammer Mystery
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Talmudic Comebacks
'So Jew Me' and Other Offensive Wordplays
Frumspatch: A Jew’s Guide to Discretely Removing Corns, Boils, & Warts
Kifilta Mockingbird
Jewin' at the Savoy
Jawin’ With Jews: The Larry King Interview Series
The Jewish Encyclopedia of Morality, Ethics, and Sandal Fashion
Deadline: Maimonides
Kol Nidrei on Three Dollars a Day
In My Fetish I See God: The Jewish Ritual Explained
Jews We Hate to Love
Great Jewish Train Robberies
Jew Gotta Be Kiddin: The Jackie Mason Story
The Jewish Cosmonaut Book of Zero Gravity Pranks
Last Minute Gift Ideas for that Hard-To-Shop-For Judaic Militant
Kibbutz ‘N’ Bitz
More Books for the Discerning Absurdist
A Flock of Jonathan Livingston Seagulls
Of Mice and Menses
Girlfriend in a Comma
I Am Lesion

Crawlspaces of the Dyspeptic, Volume Three
Mock Me, Amadeus
I Sing the Body Dyspeptic
Ode to a Three-Pronged Urine Stream
Blink and You'll Miss It: Memoirs of a Sex Weasel
When Britches Meet Cobblestone: A Lothario's Tale
The Norton Anthology of Tweets: Volume One, The Tween Years
Eggs: The Impossible Dream
Susan's Guide to the Wasteland
Gilding the Goiter: The Tony Buckwidth Story
A Kind, Just Wind: The Sweet Ethical Smell of Vegan Farts
Gingernails in My Cupboard: The Alaisder Maclellan Story
Dispatches from the First Annual Fear of Trees Festival
Lolas I Have Known
Freestyle Biscuiteering, Ugandan Style
Me and You and a Shut-In Named Drew
Ear Pygmies Take Manhattan
Love in the Time of Diarrhea
Catch 69
Running With Gaum Sticks
Romeo And Oubliette
Pantless In Gaza
Of Laughter And Senility
The Unbearable Flightiness of Being
Last Exit In Brooklyn For Really Good Baba Ganoush
100 Years Of Solicitude
Much Ado About Motherfucking Everything
Gout Fisting in America
Bob, Ted, Carol, Alice and Shecky
Running With Forceps
Always A Brideshead, Never Revisited
My Runny Clementine
Florence Of Arabia (or, Laurence Of Labia)
A Goiter Grows In Brooklyn
Are You There God? It's Me, Shecky
You and Me and a Dog Named Cujo
A Taser In The Sun
One Hundred Years Of Dyspepsia
Infinite Death
Irma La Douche
I Never Promised You a Prosegarden
Orgies on the Run: Zip Down, Zip Up
You and Tom's Acne
Zen & the Art of Intimidation
Zivrolian Cuticle Generators
Touched By an Angel: The Michael Landon Story
Zed Zero Zilch Zip- Nada Goddamn Thing
Languid Secrets of the Buttcrack
Zanzibar Fields- Try Us Sometime!
Zapateado Dandelion 'twanes- Spanish Daddies on a Lark
Zotz: The Scary Stuff
Zamba Flakes a Doo-Log
My Kingdom for a Breath Mint
Requiem for a Tongue Ring
A Concert Pianist Shits Himself
When Earharps Do the Talking
Mother Teresa: The Termagant Years
Sexism amongst the Animal Kingdom: A Revisionist Study
The Gentlest Imperative
Ceiling Fans: A History of Oppression
Ayn Rand's Book of Practical Jokes
101 Slovakian Limericks
You Can Speculate, Let's See You Spiculate
Sleuthhounds Turning Tricks
Pitching Woo: Baseballers in Love
Turbine Boy & Rotary Girl- A Sassy Passel of Adventure
Johannesburg Jockstrap- A Drama in Real Life
Jackoffs in Jodhpurs
Jeepers! The Leopard Skin Junta Returns!
Erect in Washington; Flaccid in New York
Brains, Brawn, & Bradley Offenbach
Bitches in the Whitehouse, Part-Time
The Ballad of Old Thistle Shoe
Unforgivable Gaffes of the Ancients
When Eggs Do the Talking
Wangles! An Old-Timer Remembers the Day a Sandwich Bit Back
Whittling: America's Dying Art
Xmas: A Holiday Abridged
Bent Outta Shape: The Stretch Armstrong Memoirs
Who's a Good Boy Then? The Headmaster Ritual Explained
Apostrophes behind Bars- A Grammar Sleuth Investigation
Blessed Sweet Relief! The Story of the Toilet and its Inventor, Lucio Commodini
Blow Rolo, Blow!
Benedictine Flight Simulators
A-B-Z...An Annotated Alphabet
Hands Off! An Illustrated History of the Chastity Belt
Haptogoblins Are Go!!
Asshole: Steve Jobs Re-Remembered
Ah-hah! The Reader's Digest Anthology of Gotchas!
Butter: An Appeal for Tender Mercies
Guiseppo’s Authorized Guide to Catholic Foot Wear
Tightrope Walker Bloopers & Blunders
Ashley Tames a Crotch Bow
A Foosball for Agnes
Guido’s Book of Mistaken-Hit Sympathy Cards
Blink and You'll Miss It: The Javanese Genital Circus Comes to Town
Attack Force Delta Holds a Fundraiser
Attack Force Omega Hosts a Kegger
Attack Force Alpha Commandeers Local Meals on Wheels
(culled from the 'Alpha-Delta-Omega Civilian Soft Strike' Anthology)
Aww Shucks: If Overalls Could Talk
The Norton Anthology of Traffic Directions: Volume 7, New Jersey, 1929-1957
Augie Rides a Steamboat
Augie Confronts the Lingerer
Attaboy Napier Tangles Judley Nash in a PoxaPlenty Circuitry Quake
Accidental Armistice & Whoopsy Daisy Peace Accords
Angst on the Moon: Art Fags in Space
Astrolip JoopJivers
Artemis: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere...Artemis
Antonin Artaud on Flirting
An Augie and Old Lazybones Adventure Presents: Big Saturday’s Gruff Surprise
Bad Sock Knee Jive, and Other Failed Expressions
Barbara's Book of College Book
Best Stay Indoors: The Day It Rained Shit
Better Wear a Mac: The Great London Gobfest of ‘78
Best Left Unsaid- Tourette’s Syndrome Marriage Proposals
Bitters and a Sideswipe: The History of Irish Pub Brawls
Old Spice Encyclopedia of Crafty Judo Moves
Pornography: A Love Story
Oedipus. The Motherfucker Project
The Patsy Cline Book of Revenge Fables
The Pickwick Penis Project
The Norton Anthology of English Lice
Nutter Butter Negroes
Consumer Reports Guide to World Religions
Consumer Reports Guide to Manhattan Sex Parlors
Consumer Reports Guide to American Churches
Consumer Reports Guide to Integrated Missile Defense Systems
Matriarchs, Patriarchs, and a Shady Guy Named Swafford
Invisible Threads: Erma Bombeck’s Life of Silent Betrayal
Crisis of Identity: The Eyesore Incident
Paris: The Deep Fried Years
Paris: The Ingrown Toenail Years
Tendonitis in Venice
Freud: The Carefree Years
Lockjaw on the Seine
Duking it out in Tuscany
Kites: The Impossible Dream
Cul de Sac Memoirs: A Basset Hound Looks Back in Anger
The Fondler’s Book of Prosody
Glenn Gould's Book of Prank Calls
Intestines Make the Scene: Innards Remember the '60's
Dog Biscuit Press Presents: Collected Romps of a Dog Named Chomps
Doc Martin's: The Pied Piper of Urban Footwear
The Dullard’s Book of Party Quips (Abridged)
Deer Haters Quarterly
The Deja of Vu
Hotwire It! Carjacking in the Old World
Toe-Ring for a Heavyweight
No See ‘Ums: A Connoisseur’s Handbook of Chinese Porn
Crawl Spaces of the Juvenile: Architectural Digest 16 Month Calendar
Hot Pockets: Thrilling Tales of the Heat'n'Eat Cowboy
Just Joking in Tokyo
Shoulda" Woulda' & Coulda': The Three Almostkateers
Razor’s Edge: The Gillette Story
Wit, Dandy, Bon Vivant, Semen-Stained Motherfucker
Winny- the Jugular, Snorting Angel
Falafel Foot Fetishist (An Alliteratively Stinky Tale)
Sex Lit Titles
Lady Cabbies: Temptresses behind the Wheel
Destination: Untold Erotica. Naughty Female Travel Agents
Shaking with Pleasure: Freemason Vixens and Their Secret Art of Delight
Superfly Bitches from Somewhere East of Russia
Sexcapades: Sluts on Ice
Oral Gratification: Comely Doe-eyed Lady Dentist Dames
Busts in a Brassiere: Sexy Grrl Cops and Their Torrent of Tuff Love
Rx for Love: Lady Doctors Share Their Secrets for Sexual Healing
Talk Dirty to Me: Lusty, Busty Garbage Babes Describe Sexy Encounters at the Dump
Firing Line: Wenchy Women Weapons Experts Shoot Down Eager Glances
Elbow Deep in Heartstrings: Wanton Lady Surgeons Driven Mad by Secret Pangs of Desire

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