Friday, August 2, 2013

Woman on first date plunges to her death off 17th-floor balcony

I'm not one for reflexive feminism, but there's something disturbing to me, and in a way that feels kind of ageist and sexist, about this CNN article, with its emphasis on "first date" and its immediate mention of her age of 35, as if the two had some kind of undue importance or interrelatedness. If it had been a guy, I think there would have less emphasis on these two factors. Falling off a balcony is a fairly gender- and age-neutral event, an equal opportunity killer. Maybe CNN should also be telling us that both of her sisters are already married with kids, her parents were worried about her, and that she lived alone with a cat?

And when do 10 brief paragraphs require 4 bullet point highlights?

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