Thursday, July 4, 2013

Upcoming Coffeetable Photobooks

Cruelty to Animals: Volumes One Through Three
Nude Infants in Mortal Peril
Circumcision Through the Years
Klaus Kinski: The Steambath Sessions
National Geographic Presents: Australian Shark Attack Victims
Abattoirs: A Pictorial Celebration
An Illustrated Guide to Prison Shanking
Caribbean Corpse Fuckers: A Visual Compendium
Like Alice: Photo Essays of Midwest Abductions, 1953-1971
Night Haunts of the Dayglo BeatBoys and the Hapax Legomena FantastyGirls
Baywatch: The Paris Years
The Bacardi Picture Book of European Auto Fatalities
The Pictorial Encyclopedia of Pubes
Starfuckers from Planet "Time"
Colorado Beauty Reclamation Procedurals: Then and Now

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