Saturday, November 3, 2012

Ways Nathan Fillion is becoming William Shatner

- Canadian
- Becoming a bit puffy in his more commercially successful later years
- Iconic in the sci-fi/fantasy pop-culture sphere, a marginal pop-culture icon
- Starring in a vastly inferior show that is much more popular than the show that made him an icon in the first place
- A cult hero with a kind of odd and over zealous geek fan base who have kept him relevant and bankable, and who will probably watch him in anything
- Pokes fun at his scifi roots
- Slowly becoming more of a comic actor (seems half the scenes in Castle are played for laughs)
- Will forever be defined by that one iconic TV scifi role, so much so that a good deal of his subsequent work references it
- His popular mainstream show brings back his sci-fi costars to appease his hardcore sci-fi fanbase just as Shatner's show did (Adam Baldwin on Castle and Leonard Nimoy on TJ Hooker)
- Will undoubtedly carve out his own niche in TV commercials banking in his iconic status the way Shatner has (and will probably be wearing brown clothing in them)
- Could make a decent living just be doing the sci-fi convention circuit


spongemike said...

1 more similarity:
both were not thrilled with The Bloggess hijinks. Shatner just blocked her on Twitter right away. Fillion didn't, but completely ignored her multiple requests of holding twine for a year, then answered on reddit that he doesn't hold a grudge but is not a trained monkey. Well, essentially, hehe.

3 differences:

- Shatner was accused of being "difficult" to work with by several co-stars. Fillion seems to be genuinely loved and respected by pretty much everyone he ever worked with. At least it looks that way. Never heard a bad word about him, and people go out of their way to praise him.

- He's way more witty and geeky than Shatner. More like George Takei in that respect. (Love Shatner anyway).

- Shatner's got an Emmy. Doesn't look like it's in the cards for Fillion in the near future, hehe.

Also, Fillion has always been more of a comic actor, I remember him on Two guys and a Girl way back then. And I heard he started in improve theatre. His more dramatic turn in Firefly/Serenity looks to be almost an exception in what I know of his career.

peppergomez said...

Those are great points, and ones that I either didn't consider or wasn't aware of. Thanks!