Sunday, July 26, 2009

problems of the problemless

- man, lately i've been putting waaay too much pasta sauce on my spaghetti.
- and then, get this! he says we have to take the 9:15 flight to maui instead of the 7:45 one!
- kinda bummed. really wasn't expecting the inheritance to be parceled out five-figure monthly amounts instead of being given all at once.
- i've tried everything, but nothing seems to help. no matter what i do, my skin is still smooth and flawless.
- i dunno what to do. they gave me at 10% salary increase and yearly bonus at work, but the bitch of it is, i didn't earn it.
- so there i was, setup for a boss head shot with my sniper rifle, when i got kicked from the friggin' server!
- all this freaking lint in my belly button...i wish i had an outtie.
- switching from the porsche to the lexus has me feeling somewhat emasculated, robbed of my virility
-itunes shuffle has totally got me down...15,000 songs on my ipod and the same dozen tunes keep showing up in every shuffle session i start; this shit sucks

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