Tuesday, June 23, 2009

nobody likes a smartass

i wonder if the people (nearly always white men above the age of 40) who ride those recumbent bikes are the annoying contrarian, know-it-all types i would expect them to be, brimming with self-satisfaction, convinced that they deviate from the norm, travel the road less taken, and are in general superior to those faceless masses traveling by car.

these are the types of guys who are just plain irritating at parties or in most conversations...eager to point out logical fallacies, revise possibly incorrect assumptions from historians or other experts, and unaware that for all their self-perceived smarts, they just come across as smug and annoying (said guys also tend to be the types of people who'll talk at you while chewing their food, which is always a drag to have to witness).

also, i wonder if people who drive those really really small cars and have 40MPG as their license plate evince the same level of smug satisfaction? no way i'd drive those toys on the major interstates.

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