Monday, October 13, 2008

bon mots

to become erotic is to disappear
to talk of oneself, is to say...nothing

these are like self-aggrandizing rorschach tests, designed to make the originator (in this case, me) appear profound (but in taking a meta-position to them, i can't be guilty of this sin, can i?).

these short phrases hint at profundity and sound good but don't stick around long enough to uncover substantial meaning.

for the person who creates or recycles the bon mot in public, the hope is that the listener will make the trek towards meaning/truth, return with this treasure, assuming that it belonged to the originator all along. in essence, handing it back with the sentiment of "here, this is yours. it's beautiful/profound/brilliant/etc."

i'm not saying bon mots or whatever are bullshit, but rather, when they are so elusive or seductive , there's a good chance that their originator is more in love with the cascade of words and their cumulative effect than as a cogent insight. stye over substance, if you will.

here's this canvas. i painted a few nice black dots on it. you go ahead and fill the rest of it in with beautiful images. then, when you're done, come back and compliment me on my beautiful painting.


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