Tuesday, October 7, 2008

titles i'd like to see

love in the time of diahrrea
catch 69
running with gaum sticks
romeo and oubliette
pantless in gaza
of laughter and senility
the unbearable flightiness of being
last exit in brooklyn for really good baba ganoush
100 years of solicitude
much ado about motherfucking everything
gout fisting in america

bob, ted, carol, alice, and shecky
running with forcepts
always a brideshead, never revisited
my runny clementine
florence of arabia (or, laurence of labia)
a goiter grows in brooklyn
are you there god? it's me, shecky

you and me and a dog named cujo
a taser in the sun
one hundred years of dyspepsia
infinite death
irma la douche
i never promised you a prosegarden

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