Friday, August 1, 2008

on a related note...white male internet fail


funny how the guy pictured looks perfect for his chosen role, that of the hater. it's like abe lincoln said: "everyman over the age of fifty has the face he deserves," except by dint of his toxic life's calling, this guy's getting started a good 25 years early.

this is truly putting lipstick on the pig- they're trying to elevate sadism to the level of sociology (or, even more deludedly, "my criticism will help people-it's for their own good"). maybe they're all resentful that they didn't become rock stars, hot shit game designers, or tech moguls during their 20's? this "field" seems designed solely by and for powerless (beyond the computer screen, that is) white male shits between the ages of say 25-40.

note the unsubtle closing jabs the nytimes writer, likely a reasonably well self-actualized person past 35, gets in on these sad, spiteful little boys. like shooting ducks in a barrel.

then again, maybe all this isn't that surprising thanks to a media which worships humiliation, raising boys on a steady diet of persona-meltdown oriented reality shows and celebrity freak outs? i think 21st century american society is coming close to trumping those cautionary dystopian societies created by novelists such as anthony burgess.

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