Thursday, August 14, 2008

the best sci-fi film of the last decade can't get a sequel

major bummer.

meanwhile, we’re pummeled with one lazy comic book adaptation after another, each one costing two or three times the budget needed for a serenity sequel. so, the best sci-fi film of the last decade can’t get a sequel, but god forbid hollywood doesn’t get to keep blowing 500million trying to perfect the f-ing incredible hulk, shoving some vapid doll like jessica alba down our throats in the craptastic four, or giving the wankowski brothers carte blanche in the hopes they’ll remove their heads from their respective asses and make another film worth watching.


Agent Polsky said...

Actually, despite my misgivings about Serenity, I just broke down and ordered the widescreen version over Amazon. Personally though, I'd much rather see a new TV series from Joss than another movie. I think his style is more suited to that medium, and the length of an entire series affords him greater flexibility in slowly building the story. Serenity felt rushed to me, or like a made-for-TV movie. And I'm tired of the 'superpowered-girl-beating-people-up-with -martial-arts' Shtick. Not to open up a can of worms...just my humble opinion.

peppergomez said...

agreed i'd rather have a series, but 3 movies would have been nice. i actually liked the movie more than the series, since i found it more intense. cryin' shame both the show and the film couldn't last longer than they did, but it's a miracle the movie got made at all.