Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the circus never leaves town

oh to have the chutzpah to refer to myself as a 'performance artist' when folks ask me what i do. that way, i could find some way to spin some of my daily activities and habits as insightful bits of social anthropology. it's like being a packrat and picking things out of trash is no longer just being a packrat and picking things out of the trash, but is instead unearthing "found objects" (talk about putting lipstick on the pig! to present a probing act of interrogation as to the changing mores and aspirations of the american people, etc. etc. who knows, i might even be interviewed on npr.

what to do when my tribe is ultimately just as silly as the rightwingers, bible boomers, neocons, etc.? gotta laugh and shrug- the circus never leaves town.

1 comment:

peppergomez said...

decapitating a random stranger on a greyhound bus? true performance art.