Tuesday, July 1, 2008

is being a consumer, buying things, a creative act?

i've known people seem to want to elevate buying music, and their music collections, into a creative act or notable creative accomplishment. maybe, for some of them who don't make their own music, this is a way of coping with the fact that they themselves don't accomplish anything even close to those artists they follow, but they still want some feeling of creative accomplishment. owning whatever collection of esoteric exotic boutique artists and genres is therefore considered by them as a creative accomplishment. but is it? i know i used to have a chip on my shoulder about my music collection, thinking it was some sort of creative accomplishment, when i know realize it was just being a consumer.

some intellectuals and academics like to emphasize the physicality of language- how violent, active, vital, etc. it can be. sometimes makes me chuckle, picturing a pallid, pasty academic grasping his fist closed, odd fleck or two of spittle flying, as he invokes the violence and power inherent in language. yet if he were asked to drop do 20, swim 10-15 laps, or jog for 30min., well, you might as well forget it. the most exercise he might get is walking the stairs to his lecture.
seems like this emphasis is partially to compensate for the fact that some scholars have none of this in their lives.

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