Wednesday, March 5, 2008

time/she finished her own sentence with zesty aplomb/his completed1^
thought was more than we'd ever thought possible/you have a habit of
opening your mouth when you speak/and so on/favorite time of the
day#17: blowing my nose so hard I see stars/I'm not certain, but^^,,^)
think I may have regained my virginity/what if we were wrong all this
time; mosquitoes didn't drain our blood for the purpose of their own
survival. Instead, they were clandestine employees of the american red
cross, depositing their spoils in large blood vats, all grouped according to
type. These batches would be earmarked 'disaster blood'. And all this
time, undermining the rescue effort.'/Don't tangle with Harry Chanks,? ';
he's one of those rough and tumble french boys from the department of
lice/Boston is a former roomate with a face like an old brown
shoe...Cambridge MIT is collecting sack fulls of Au Bon Pain scraps every
friday at 9...Kenmore square is eating too near the toilets in Charlie's
diner/watch out, when drunk, I wax poetic about the Velvet
Underg round/Jiminy; I've discovered the semicolon! I decreasing the
likliehood of death, that's what it's all about/tempers flared and
dialogue grew terse on the set of 'Power Butt'; John Dough did not like to
be told how to
/**&// wouldn't trust him, his nudity demands a new'
dimension of understanding/%xxxxxxx?@2/aargh! typewriter
frenzy!Irasin' d'etre to a whole new level of ( )/sunday morning
ritual: the newspaper and a crank call to my ex/I just don't give a
crap/She's just about lost faith in the ability of flapjacks to restore her
fractured mornings/1991, where's your sense of identity? Do any of
really remember've kind of swooped away before you could
leave a lasting impression; I mean, we realize that historically and
culturally you really belong to the tail end of the '80's, but still, that's no
reason to be so coy. 1991, give us a sign. And 1993, have you no sense
of self-worth? Impress the socks offa us like 1987 did'.lhe's dressed for
success (guytfl) he's dressed for duress (guy#2) he's dressed for Mae
West (guy#3)- which one of these guys is best suited for deep space
counter-espionage work with an erotically sardonic bent? answer- they
all areHTV Nostalgia: have you noticed how the entertainment industry
has been feeling uncommonly generous to it's own within recent years?
2nd chances abound:John Travolta, Brooke Shields, Roberta Flack, and
many others (Cloris Leachman as one notable and tragic exception)

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