Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Somewhere just east ofTuamotu in the Pacific Ocean lie 'Dissapointment Islands'. Apparently, upon discovery, they fell short of what the explorers had been looking for, perhaps barren juttings of rock instead of the hoped for lush, rolling canopy of green.

Grown adults who employ the smirkful phrase 'aren't we happy campers?'- now these are some folks pretty well suited to petty administrative duties (computer lab moniter, temp supervisor, dorm RC)

In light of what it has become, punk rock was little more than capitalism fooling the academics.

Zit faced, snarling anti-heroes picking up increasingly enormous pay checks.

The story repeats itself and is never really new.

We, the gentlepeople of the jury, salute you, who in your savvy, are able to parlay weakness,

anger, and neurosis into a life of lucre. ,)

Raising the eyebrows of the highbrows, this is what she aspires to. ,1
Put some bawstitchjam on ya 'jelly (post-penultimate, as if) J

Mickey's HI' mousecoat done got de' blues, and a handfulla uppers, betties, and baby blue bye- j
byes in de 'purse. Say nighty night. |

Mylolita-alazylumpoflead f

languidly lounging atop poolside chair \ i

lethargically lifting little finger ^

lightly lisping translucent songs of love \

lemony lips puckered 4J

laughing lilted laughs

letting rejection stoke ardor's flame

my heart- a barbecue of jealous possession

my heart seethes on

Ting-tang too! Hey zues, maria! Ch-ching! Cha-ching!

(aargh, some pissy piss still dribbling)

2 overlooked terms- (decentpoeple don't write about such things, do they?)

'dick tipping'- refers to the manner in which uncircumcised peni are dabbed dry after pissing means of a square or two of toilet paper- told to me by a girl from New Zealand no less.

'snot canal' is what that trench-like (how curiously frustrating, having to rely on this ungainfy adjectival approximation, all because 'trenchant' means something else entirely. 'Zounds upa you, & a pox on your whimsy, cruel language!) space is in between our upper lip and direct^ below our nose. Makes sense really. This one was heard on WXYC radio as a wee yung 'un.

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