Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sensitive men with pony-tails can just kiss my ass

youth of today, I implore you: where are the words which shock?

he- she's intelligent in a dumbass kinda way

fellow- I'm mundane in a spectacular sort of way

gal- I'm extraterrestrial in a down to earth sort of way


she- I don't know about you gals, but I'm naming my first child Artemis they- universal astonishment and adulation

a man's thought process after 23 years on the job: hot damn! I'm going to wake up tomorrow and earn some money!

he- I'm exploratory in a stay at home kind of way

she- Geena Davis is unsuccessful in a Renny Harlin sort of way

Dear Veruca Salt,

Where are you now with your 'American thighs'? Eclipsed no doubt by the charttopping action of fellow compatriots Everclear and Nada Surf. Such are the cruel whimsies of fashion.

success came a'courtin, to which I said: no thank you sir, reckon I'll just drift off here to no-talentsville

Ben's I have known: Davidson, Stykeleather, Kaliygian, Saks, Lapidus, Frank, Myers, Obi-Wan, Franklin, Hur, Verdery, Bunny, Gay (oh, how jolly we all found this moniker), Britten

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