Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mixing Up My Potions and Lardering My Lotions

graffiti seen on a Tucson 6th st. billboard- 'Buy Nothing Day- Nov. 29th'

hey today, iin order to avoid sex, violence, and perversity, let's embrace a specific assignment. Great, how about writing a page of sentences al of which teeter upon the bringk of comprehension, say about 3 or 4 inches away from making clear, clarified sense. Ready...steady...go!

A squandered memento from my first day of school, could be, potentially if I were to let it be so, a particular tension as elemental as the one I left behind, the time I tried feeling for these past sort of history things

She let us all, but kidded two guys a lot and feelings certainly I saw something around the place when it happened.

hmm...this is tougher than I thought...! end up sounding like a college freshman who desperately needs basic composition and sentence skills, the aim here is more a lack of comprehensible closure in terms of concrete expression, not simply grmmatical porridge...hmm...better regroup...

Them thought beget bygones when an insteadman's hand quips coattails not steam over proper press.

Poor lil' faun shouted and cowed down -when atop ambitious grocery zealots she

...ohh barnacle! this is rotten sodding tricky!

Bulbous exasperators; as if.

My loving undiscovered memory-box;they never would believe unless

twin tops they did lay

T's official, I was born!

(Mr. Pibb: a soda with a scent so much the everyman of odors that I seem to be reminded of it in the most disparate of places- a Tucson industrial plant, Rick Foushee's hairspray that afternoon in 3rd grade on third base, in passanger class at 23,000 feet. Needless to say, Dr. Pepper cannot lay claim to sharing this incredible power.)

A Night of Cable

womb to the tomb in hairshirts toughguys wisebroads ragingcops


fendi on a vicious quest

beer battered shrimp not knowing where to turn

safety sleeps at night

ooh tough kid, it's a ballad- don't look too surly and plaid dispossessed

gloria went and got herself romantiklee linked with the albino bassist

one of those guys in this video looks awkwardly old face, surrounded as

he is by California golden children

chinky hinky sex musique from a shaggy universe of fun

a toy piano chimes in with eager horny 'omens'

oh how tiresome, the australian arch-criminal together with the

unshaven bitter toughguy in a dusty sunlit warehouse, not talking

about old times; instead, chaining each other to steel bars and shouting

invectives- we can tell by this scene that something had to go and make

itself really important

why oh why does the really mastermind bad guy have to be an art-

lover-faux-rennaisance man? why can't he just be a downright crude


adam & eve tv is a pornographic home shopping network- retractable

rubber heads, hot oils, tender nighties and such

how do i possbly write about the snowy ballerinas and suspended plastic baggies filled with clear fluid framed by the turquois backdrop? and the carroty member of the huntsmen who's just joined them with a corn husking woman? oh, bearded CezannelDeBussey type in a sled has just made the scene...ugh, my head', feeling tired.

pocket vibe mini massager...hmm, Oedipus wonders if his mom might want that for Christmas, too bad he can't ask his dad for advice...the announcer described the male & female nether regions as 'the crotch area', how simply unnapealing.

update: the australian robert urich loves knockers even more than his american counterpart

"private moments" is an odd title considering the fact of its being broadcast in a few million households "the american school of human dignity" -mighty presumptuous, aren't we usa?

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