Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lesson #16

at the restaurant

'the flan was, quite frankly, in rather questionable taste' (?)

'the flan was, quite frankly, middle underdone and side-crisped beyond

repair' (!)

at the gallery

'the metal-collage was, quite frankly, in rather questionable taste' (!) 'the metal-collage was, quite frankly, middle underdone and side-crisped beyond repair' (?)

a comparative situation, but watch out, for when in public, take an extra moment or two to consider those utterances and pronouncements of judgement a bit more carefully.

(hey, can we have some more instances of the use of 'side-crisped'

adjectively? It'd make some of us more optimistic about things in


(we'll see what we can do.)

(like, maybe 'side-crisped' could replace 'broad-sided' or 'side-clipped',

the latter as in sports.)

(nice try, but we're not sure about that. The term is really quite


(what else could be 'side-crisped'? Automotive finish? Hairstyles gone


(possibly. Spend a bit more time with this, then come back and show us

what you find.)

"Fair Play: The Heroin Addict's Guide To Good Sportsmanship" (...with a little practice, your desperate need for a quick fix needn't interfere with the common rules of considerate competition...above all, be patient; only when the play is completely finished can you in good conscience go off and shoot up...)

welcome to Barnett's New England School of Psychology, gimmee five...psych!

sour grapes amongst psychologists: 'hmph, Jenkin's never should have gotten the promotion...after all, he's not of your status behaviorally.' my childhood pal Ralph was a complex character: 'gotta go guys, I'm meetin' a divorcee on the Seine...guys, say hello to Ms. Loren; Sophia, these are the guys...dang, it figures they'd pick Oppenheimer over me.'

British cultural supremacy as manifested in public washbasins: 'Armitage Shanks' vs. its American counterpart, 'Standard' no contest. One which is vaguely evocative of a warrior's loins over one which feebly relinquishes any vestige of individual sensibility.

she: I'm thinking of trading in my '94 Nissan NX, it seems so...I don't emotionally unavailable.

he: oh, I totally know what you mean. My Range Rover is always there

for me.

This must really and truly represent the pinnacle of 20th century


"Desire, Greed, Artifice, & Dressing For Success"

"Death Takes It in the Ass: An Agatha Christie/John Holmes Mystery."

"Mysteries of Inner Space: A Documentary of the Human Nostril,

Narrated by Leonard Nimoy"

when glory comes to find me, tell him where I'll be...

'a blending of the seasons' is how we've taken to referring to Suxxy's

mental flights of fancy, occurring as they do at the most inopportune of


takes a hammer't make me laff 'n' whalebones't make me cry

the maestro coaxed sounds from his viola as if possessed by the stinky

boy in capsule #12

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