Thursday, March 6, 2008

laced with arsenic, Snickers is sure to satisfy...your desire for death!

touch an anarchist you don't know on their genitalia and watch social

convention spring back into place

a cavalcade, a hit parade, sippin' josies in the shade

and this year's menopausal kid is...Blackie McFee!

tentative forays into the house of wit evincing only puzzled glances and

embarrased 'know better1 coughs sealed Rudy's fate as the

neighborhood bore. Migration was his only choice

seconds before I could toggle the safety switch, the swift glory of

Indonesian pop music was full upon me

those who describe musical phrases as 'licks' and as 'tasty' just don't get

it, and to reiterate Fahey, the guitar is not an axe.

Henry Bassetmonger: 'have you ever met a candid yam? Nor have I.'

'with boney hands the world I'll sway

I'll feed a bird on a lonely day'

'all day long the nazis been burning my brain gamma rays, x rays,

making me weak insane weak sickly dead'

and on about going upstairs, jews, negresses, and taken upstairs

amongst some germans of muscle

Yes, Boston does offer the oddest found objects ('TJ Maxx Countdown to

Confrontation' & 'My Wife Has a Problem' photos)

"what's today?" "Saturday" "who's Saturday?"

"what's today?"


"today's Saturday?"

"yeh, today and tomorrow are Saturday"

Oregon is one of those Ben & Jerry states

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