Thursday, March 6, 2008

In a Calvin Klein Dictatorship, the fashion police may arrest whomever they please whenever they please. Needless to say, sales are brisk.

The 2004 presidential elections are commonly referred to as the 'leisure campaigns', with republican nominee Harrison successfully running on his 'America: the Greatest Entertainment the 21st Century Will Ever Know' platform, wherein he pledged to put a full access satelitte TV in every home, 'no matter what the cost', and to provide internet entertainment booths in every public school room.

An excerpt from Albert Camus' forgotten children's book Petite Henri and the Irrepressible Ennui

(translated by A.H. Houseman)

...The afternoon was a dull, muted grey, punctuated only by the squawks of black birds and rumble of rusted diesels as young Henri pedalled his frail red bicycle home from school. As his spindly legs pedalled, he felt once again an inescapable heaviness upon his eyelids, emanating from no discernable source, save the weariness of his own malnourished soul. Yes, he knew nothing but this well worn desire to close his eyes, for now and for all time, no matter what danger such an action might accord him. How funny it struck him, this supposed choice, when in reality it seemed no choice at all.

...His chores at school and at home had long become a burden to him, constituting as they did a series of simple, unthinking tasks devoid of any recognizable point. No matter, he tried to fashion a sleep state throughout the waking hours, and to attempt a solace of sorts within the realm of his young, somewhat potent imagination.

...Upon arriving home to his mother's dingy rue Car err e flat, he heard the familiar clatter of pots and dishses; another tasteless stew or bland soup would soon await him, roughly served up by calloused hands. His mother was a hardened woman of indeterminate age, with tightened skin which stretched resentfully across her cheerless face. *One wrinlkle for each angry year, Henri often noted. She was given to violent outbursts of a sort that made young Henri dread the slow, prolonged prospect of growing up. His father was but a dim memory of stained yellow, and black, cracked grubby hands. She never spoke of him, and Henri never cared to ask her for details.

...Wearily he lay upon his bed. Down below his window from the narrow, unkempt street could be heard the eager shouts and shrill taunts from the neighborhood children as they amused themselves in mindless, simple games. Pierre and Giles from next door would sometimes bully Henri into a game of Pirates, the point of which young

Henri could never fathom. His one hope from this morass of boredom and uncertainty lay within a tiny scrapbook of newspaper cuttings Henri kept beneath his narrow bed.

Hautiness behind bars: "Tonight I believe I'll care to sup within' my bed chamber, good warden"

"I seen all kinda things in excess, but I don't see nipples in The Daily

Express" - John Cooper Clarke

"Cemetary Do's & Dont's"

"Amelia's Day in Court: A Choose Your Own Adventure"

Daniel Ash is pretty much the Joan Collins of Rock 'n' Roll (if lost in a

jungle, his first priority would be to find some natural plant remedy to

keep his hair spikey, not to find food or shelter)

temp your way back into my heart

Theseus' Feces

Rock 'n' Roll Testimony #1: learnt the chords to VU's "Sister Ray" and

drove little sister to other end of house

Rock 'n; Roll Testimony #2: formed "The Velvet Undies" and played 10

minute incompetent cover of 'Waiting for the Man', powered on by twin

angels of volume and incapability

a gaggle of gaggings

a myriad of matricides

a plethora of puncturings

a plurality of patricides

an assortment of abductions

a smattering of slayings

a bunch of beheadings

an intensification in inquisitions

an increase in incinerations

a rash of rapes

an expansion of executions

a gain in gangland gougings

a proliferation of pain

a crescendo of crime

an accumulation of acrimony

a penchant for pickaxings

a symphony of sex-crimes

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