Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Glory be! Takin' a road trip with the shiner queen! I'm on fire for a , ,

bible below the belt! (10X fast)

When happening upon the definition for 'creeping eruption', a warm

glow of recognition swept across her face, for now she new more about

Roger's family than she'd ever dreamnt possible.

Amnesia can creep up on yu, or so I've been told. Phew! A stinker that

one was! But let's ask yu, he might say otherwise.

he- hi! sh-hi.

he-lunch? (?) she-sure. (?!)

he-you busy? (...) she-whad'ya have in mind (.)

he-can we talk? ("?")

she-I'm kinda busy, call ya back? (.)

food should be free to make its own mind about such matters

welcome to the 8th grade, here's a cup of pickle juice, now drink it.

ms. smith, have you repudiated your jewishness?

cuneiformist's have...oh sadness, wit abandons me.

mr. chadbourne, say hello to mr. negativeland. stand back people!

lord, grant me the patience to hear 'Sister Ray' one more time

labia, pudendum, the pit and the pudendum, laurence of labia, willing and labia bodied (syntopical connections, brain cranium knowledge device overripe, useless knowledge, flush thyself from thee)

hi.1 welcome to the playground. Here's a tire iron, now take your pleasure freely

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