Wednesday, March 5, 2008

fly flam shimmy sham..goftage brickoch booferplensey...goffer

scunt cunt clit lips dozem dipwhips...zooxix

"Dying and Staying Dead: A Few Tips On Getting It Right The First Time"

Captain Henry asks- can cleverness save us? I certainly hope so. Really, is humor enough?

In the year 2022:

Mother: why don't you go into business like your father, and join a rock


Son: oh mom!

"'Fuck You' and a Whole Host of Other Witticisms Guaranteed to Brand

you the Neighborhood Eon Vivant"

"The Intangibility of Prawns- A Philosophic Treatise"

"Kites: The Impossible Dream"

"Road Signs: No Time to be Cryptic"

Controversy surrounds this man. for it was him who raised a stink at

the sewage plant

raisin' a stink in a dumbass kinda way

It's a fitting testimony to the human spirit that she was able to go from being top record executive to what she now is today, award winning tennis pro.

Congratulate him, he's tracnscended his origins as world heavy-weight champ and gone on to become crisis-averting diplomat, t-shirt logo i'd like to see- 'whang dang sweet poontang' Hope you know that Sept. 17th is national talk-show host appreciation day. What are you sending?

Oh, and Calvin Klein & David Geffen now have their own holidays, replacing Christmas and Haunakah respectively. If I mispelt haunakah, does that make me anti-semitic?

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