Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Critics Respond:

"I laughed until I could laugh no more. And then I laughed'd I do that?" - Socrates

"I'm deeply offended, morally and spiritually. Especially by those disgusting diagram thingies on page seven."

- Pippi Longstocking

"No one else writes like this, and after reading a few pages, you'll know why."

- 'Fiction Quarterly'

"I laughed. I cried. I wet 'em."

- Rex Reed,'USA Today'

"What is wrong with this boy?"

- Captain America

"Makes a great doorstop." - 'Home Mechanic'

"I found it charming and sublime for cleaning up my cat litter with."

- Collette

"All smart guys wear sloppy ties."

- Slim 'VootAMac' (Jalhurd

"Show me a hammern' I'll lend you my trawl"

- 'Farmer's Almanac'

"Is this supposed to be funny or something?" - Blossom, aged 18

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