Thursday, March 6, 2008

Conneticut: Yours to Uncover

Illinois: Amber Waves of Pain

New Jersey: The Pardon State

Arizona: The Right To Worry State

Louisiana: Pedophiles Paradise

Ohio: The Fart of It All

Philadelphia: City of Brotherly Shoves

Nevada: Home of Lost Wages

New York: as if

Nebraska: The Blow-Me State

Virgina: So Many Wasted Years

Oregon: Late Night Munchies & the Fridge is Empty

Vermont: How White Can We Be?

North Carolina: First in Crime

Michigan: VD Capitol of USA

West Virginia: Chiggefs Bite Nastymean Sometimes

California: Sun-Dried Apoplexy

New Mexico: Land of Encampment

South Carolina: The 'Oh Hell' State

Massacheusetts: Schemers & Dreamers, Here Is Your Land

I'd like someone to conduct an indepth study into people's attitudes about what it means to get into trouble. Literaly, the term 'getting into trouble' is interesting for what it connotes, as well as how it changes throughout the course of our lives. When we're young, 'getting into trouble' is a complete summation of consequences for wrongdoing. Implying a spanking, tongue-lashing, and or grounding, the term wields much weight. Once a youngster 'gets into trouble' (usually from parent or teacher), he/she has moved from 'get' to 'got1; it's a very clear and definable process. But when more of society enters the picture, 'getting into trouble* becomes more complex. The shades become subtler, with policemen, peers, God, lawyers administering various consequences. So teens and adults have a blend. But it may be this blend which abstracts that previously reliable 'getting into trouble' from its consequences. Take Michael Milken, junk-bond king, or Richard Nixon. What in the world might 'getting into trouble' mean to men such as these?

'Ooh...gonna get it', even translated to an adult level, doesn't carry with it the same gravity. I'm sure this holds true for men and women of lesser influence as well. As we age, how abstracted from consequence does the term become? A tangent to all this could be organized religion as the ultimate source of 'getting into trouble'.

mmm...bogeys from the south of France, don't mind if I do... 2 pet names: Scratches & Sap

one of these is out of place:

earsewer, mouthfeel, morturarybrush, brainfrank, thighrail,

fingerscreen, footinflection, assbook, kneejam, nostrilreach, toothpick,


x is the man who can't step into a pair of pants without getting all bent

outta shape

y is the guy who's a dervish, an absolute collision of energy

x & y share a cell at Orville

The Commitee

Hortipence Vole, October Priest

Gestickfay Spoob, Aether Cop

Hortence Spillane, Security Craftsman

Topikins McGinty, Feather Binder

Chuck Sap, Immobility Assessor

Baxter Buscomwich, Tightrope Prognosticator

The Tools Ambiguity Spade Ambivilance Hoe Intolerance Hatchet Gregarity Wrench Humor Plow Culture Buttress Indolence Driver Hospitality Blade

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