Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Children's books gauranteed to raise more questions than answers: "Encyclopedia Brown and the Fistfuck Caper" "Euthanaisa: A Choose Your Own Adventure" "The John Holmes Pop Up Book"

"The Cubscout's Guide to Cunnilingus" • vy,^ V*rtj- i-c,^1 <', «is\ •>'•.-:•-<;.. 9
"Let's Make Plastic Explosives!" -v> ,w. n<-- \\v> ^ j r-t,-... ui?*^'
"The Boy's
Life Compendium of Illicit Habits" \?:> i'i»i uft \in^ .M-
"Peanut Butter, Big Sister, and the Family Dog"

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A few Self-Help books: " ^ * .•"'«*• ''-;1 ,^,,w
"Food: Breaking the Cycle of Dependence" -1 >*&**'•- '«•'
"Bacon: What To Do When Too Much Isn't Enough" "^-.-i -,.<
"Oxygen." Learning When to Say When" - •-
"The Ivy League Girl's Guide to Crack" " - - - -
"Horrid Fashion Sense & Personal Freedom: Making the Connections"
"Make It Happen! The Focused Parent's Guide to Helping Your Child
Cheat Their Way To The Top"

"Lock and Load! A Liberal Gal's Automatic Weapons Primer" "Taxable Karma: Surviving Past Life Audits"

"What To Do When Love, Riches, and Universal Virtuosity Isn't Enough"
"Lion Taming: A Gay Man's Primer"
"Hypnosis For Political Gain"

"Machinations, or, The Way To Treat Your Friends" "Safe Space: The CarJacker's Guide to Negotiating Car Alarms" "The Dope Dealers Guide to Diversified Stock Portfolios" "The Maybes of CPR"

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overheard in a manhattan bar- 'whatever cultural insights he may possess are nullified by that obscene halitosis" it's disco night down at the youth center and the boogie boys are freakin'. Frankie, Little Joey, Bernardo, and the mysterious man with the crevat, all writhing together under the lights (from "A Gay Boy's Mystery #7: Mr. Big and the Lotion Thief)

Grace Jones' ticket to success has been her lack of any discernable gentalia

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