Wednesday, March 5, 2008


In a way, Toby Jim' seems to me to be the purest name ever invented.

Really, it's undilluted southerness...a pure as a freckled boy in overalls running beside a

crick with his golden lab.

Toby Jim', birch rod in one hand, bucket fulla nightcrawlers in the other.

Toby Jim' skinning his knee on the gravel after falling from his dirt bike.

Toby Jim' lighting a firecracker under the bedroom window of Mabel, his 4th grade


Toby Jim', triumphant, king amongst kudzu and pine.

'Toby Jim!' the robins and cicadas cry in grateful reverence.

Toby Jim' bolting out the door without his mittens.

Toby Jim' trading his pop tarts for a twinkie in the lunchroom.

Toby Jim' twisting a bully's arm on the blacktop.

Toby Jim' skipping a rock nine times across the pond.

Toby Jim' in Sunday best, praying to God not to send him to hell for spying up Miss

Whitaker's dress.

Toby Jim'getting his eagle scout badge.

Toby Jim' admiring his big brother's red convertible.

Toby Jim' losing a tooth in a piece of strawberry Hubba Bubba.

Toby Jim' whistling 'let's go down ta th' crawdad hole, grabya some bait, I'll get a pole' on

the way home from school.

Toby Jim' learning the chords to 'Frog Went a Courtin' on his dad's Stella.

Toby Jim' stealing his first kiss behind the woodshed.

Toby Jim'feeling sick from eating too much cornbread.

Toby Jim' begging his mom to order away for that red Radio Flyer.

Toby Jim' whittling himself a walking stick.

Ice Cream Sundae variations-Beef Steak Mondae Onion Ring Tuesdae Fat BackWednesdae

French Fry Thursdae ^
Chocolate Shake Fridae
Fish Filet Saturdae
(makes you wish there were more days in the week, doesn 't it?)

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