Thursday, March 6, 2008

Barbi has begun to inform and influence that which it had been made to reflect!distort. The Pam Anderson's of this world are involved in the very tricky postmodern business of copying the copy.

who among us really knows the score?

who can, without fear of fail, say where it's at?

who is able to lay claim to the real mccoy?

who has it really, truly figured out?

who has the final word on what time it is?

who heard the word from on high?

who in this world has got themself plugged into divine guidance?

who among us can say what it all means?

who can say?

who has acquired the meaning of life?

who knows where we're really headed?

who is an expert in these matters?

who happens to know when the other shoe will drop?

who knows where to go come judgment day?

who comprehends that the future is now?

who has got the answer for papa God's big question?

who interprets the song of our age?

who has tapped into the Zeitgeist for our time?

who has met the wise sage who knows the way?

who done unlocked bliss?

who can fathom the unfathomable?

who can reach the unreachable?

who has gone boldy where no one has gone before?

who does not tread gentle into that good night?

who has not strayed from the shining path?

who has seen the rainbow's end?

who has inititated that next evolutionary step?

who has rocketed from the crypt? ?

who has lept from the chasm of obscurity onto the cloud of nirvana?

who has become an island unto themself?

who really sees the light at the end of the tunnel?

who among us has sat at the left side of the throne?

who will make that leap of faith?

who will take those giant steps?

who in this world cheats mortality?

who has really arrived?

who among us has a clue?

who among us rides the wave?

who can dig it?

who wrote the human condition?

who will grab the lapels of fate?

who rides the four winds?

who had been fated for becoming divine?

who among us may move mountains?

who among us is easin' down the road?

who amongst us lies lost amongst the stars?

who better to move beyond it all?

who here is in no need of saving?

who stays upon the straight and narrow?

who of us has built and reposes inside their buildings roman?

who got it pegged?

who is burning from both ends?

who becomes becalmed?

who defies time?

who has been there and back?

who is their own compass?

who has a soul take flight?

who wants for nothing?

who really knows the way?

who is swingin' on a star?

who gets the cookie from the cookie jar?

who has their cake and eats it too?

who walks beside the lordly lamb of forgivness?

who here arrives without leaving?

who rests in tranquility with the angels?

who here will show the way?

who may speak with the numbers and recieve their holy input?

who sends postcards from the edge?

who among us is tidal?

Mel Bay Publications Present the "Aron Shearer 'Let's Get Tendonitis!' Guitar Method Book" Chapter One:

"...while maintaining a full barre chord on the llth fret, stretch the 4th finger to the high g#(16th fret, 1st sting), and the 3rd finger to the high d (15th fret, 2nd string). The 2nd finger should be executing a rapid series of slurs on the G(15th fret, 6th string). With the right hand, maintain a steady 1st string tremolo (32nd's at MM=66) with ima while playing a rapid series of triple stops with p on the three bass strings. When this feels secure, progress to exercise two. Fatigue and pain are to be expected, and should be ignored; for it is only through working beyond them that your playing mechanism will truly progress.

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